News and Updates Version: 3.273 Ringed Plover

This is a test 27/03/2021

Test news item

New features to try - same assign view from New and others. Network tab available for linked providers 23/10/2020

A request can either be shared or transferred to another provider.
Shared means it appears in their new list and they can respond, but the first provider retains ownership and must complete the request.
Transferred means that ownership, and the responsibility to complete, moves too.

Staging area for user testing 21/08/2020

At this stage in development, new features can be tried out for real user feedback before any decision is made to go into production, and they can be changed. It's a completely separate database, so there is no interaction with other emails and logins, but it is not VPN secured and must not be used for real patients.
Looking forward to your views on the new learning system. Comment here in a sample patient request, on Slack #usergroup or email

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